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We are always looking for a way to improve our homes. To find a way to create a seamless blend and transition between indoor living and the outdoor living that this country is truly renowned for. We know you’ve got the indoor bit covered, but sometimes it can be hard to find the time, or the energy and motivation, to deal with the serious list of tedious and time-consuming chores that your garden and yard requires to look it’s best. You no longer need to find either. We provide a range of landscape services, to help keep your outdoor areas looking stunning.

For us, it’s all about one thing: saving your weekend. The chores and hard work that are necessary to keep your yard neat, tidy and breathtaking can be truly staggering. As can the amount of time they take up. This means they need to be left for the weekend. Who wants to spend their weekend doing thankless chores in the sweltering heat or cold? Well, your weekend is safe with us. We can do all the hard work in your yard for you. It’s this dedication to our ideals, and the extensive range of services that go with it, that sets us apart from other landscape companies.


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To save your weekend, we’ve really come prepared. There’s no chore in your yard that we can’t do. As part of our landscaping services we just about do it all, including front yard landscaping and backyard landscaping Perth. We offer garden maintenance, lawn maintenance Perth and can even install a water reticulation system and garden lights around your home. It’s part of our effort to help you ensure that your yard, and outdoor spaces, enhance the look of your home and never detract from it. Why waste your time searching “landscaping near me” when you already know what we can do for you? 
I also have a contact in the Industry who specialises in the artificial grass side of things, so if you looking for that little edge in the gardening world, artificial grass just may be the thing your needing.

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Garden Maintenance

Your garden can require a head spinning amount of hard work and maintenance to look its absolute best and provide your home with that touch of nature that creates a truly breathtaking outdoor space. The rewards sound tempting, but the hard work, and chores, required probably don’t. Well, you can now get the rewards without the hard work with our garden maintenance service. Now that sounds truly appealing. We provide the garden services Perth Armadale can rely on. Who said you need to work hard to get real reward?


Often, you’ll find that the outdoor space you have can go to waste. It simply requires time and effort that you don’t have to give it a carefully cultivated and truly stunning look you’ve always dreamed of. This no longer needs to stop you, though. Our range of landscaping services, including a general tidy up and a wide range of other services, can help you to transform the listless, unkempt and unused outdoor space you have into something that adds an unforgettable feeling to your home.

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Landscaping ​Design

With so many options, choices and ways to use your outdoor space to better the look of your home, it can be tough to know where to begin. Maybe you don’t know what will work or aren’t sure exactly what it is you want to achieve. We can help to solidify your vision and get you started. This is because we are the landscaping contractors that offer landscaping design as part of our range of services. Move that amazing yard you have in your mind out to where everyone else can marvel at it too.

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Watering is one of the many painstaking chores that is crucial to keep your garden healthy and your yard looking great. It can be easy to miss areas of your yard, or simply forget to water in the first place. We know how busy you can get. Well, with our help you make this task a whole lot simpler. We can install a water reticulation system in your yard, that can make sure every area of your garden gets the water it needs with minimal effort. Turn it on and turn it off. That’s all the effort and thought it requires. ​

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Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining your lawn is another chore that your yard can demand to stay neat and tidy. This is just another weekend wasting task that we know you’d probably rather not do. Luckily, if you are in this frame of mind, we have just the thing for you. We provide a range of lawn maintenance services, including mowing, so there’s no need to squander your precious free time doing chores. Simply enjoy your weekend and a nice and neat, well maintained lawn. You really can have it all with our help.

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Garden Lighting

Installing lights in your garden can have a real range of benefits and practical applications around your home. The right lighting can really highlight the best features of your home, showing them off to everyone who comes around, or everyone who passes by depending on where you install them. They can also provide you with more space to entertain family and friends well into the night.

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